Agency staff in the NHS need full selfisolation pay

At the start of the pandemic NHS England, understood the need to ensure everyone carrying out duties in NHS premises had rights to follow public health advice to self-isolate on full pay. Without this right, workers are under huge financial pressure to come to work when they should be self-isolating, creating avoidable risks of infectionContinue reading “Agency staff in the NHS need full selfisolation pay”

Bank staff: sick and self-isolation pay

NHS Employers have said bank staff should be paid in full if they need to self-isolate following public health advice. However, different Trusts and staff banks are using different formulas and coming up with very different versions of “full pay” NHS Professionals, which is runs a staff bank across many other Trusts, has said “YouContinue reading “Bank staff: sick and self-isolation pay”

Solidarity with LBTH staff

UPDATE 19:10hrs 8/4/20: 📢 BREAKING NEWS: Tower Rewards implementation has been suspended by the council – more to come but proud of our members!! 📢 CEO Tuckley announced suspension of the hated contract until Summer. We welcome the suspension but he’s got another thing coming if he thinks the council can bring this back in the summer.Continue reading “Solidarity with LBTH staff”

NHS Employers admit: workers rights essential for infection control

NHS Employers have put out a statement on 27th March: “It is essential for infection control purposes that staff members who are told to self-isolate, do so as quickly as possible. NHS England and NHS Improvement wrote to chief executives on 2 March 2020, stating staff should receive full pay whilst in self-isolation. This includesContinue reading “NHS Employers admit: workers rights essential for infection control”

Gordon Hospital Westminster: surprise shutdown! What’s going on?

Workers at the Gordon Hospital in Westminster report that all the patients have been shipped out to other hospitals or discharged. CNWL management appear to be using the COVID19 crisis to push through a hospital closure at breakneck speed.There is little transparency about what is going on or why. Haven’t NHS bosses got enough problemsContinue reading “Gordon Hospital Westminster: surprise shutdown! What’s going on?”

Unison’s advice to workers: a good start!

Unison’s guidance for workers in the health sector confirms that “Healthcare staff, including bank staff and sub-contractors, who must be physically present at an NHS facility to carry out their duties, will receive full pay for any period in which they are required to self-isolate.” It is good that Unison have published this advice takenContinue reading “Unison’s advice to workers: a good start!”

Why nurses should act without delay over zero hours contracts

The NMC code of conduct (section 16) instructs us to “Act without delay if you believe that there is a risk to patient safety or public protection.”  Section 19.3 includes a duty to: “promote recommended practice in relation to controlling and preventing infection”.At this time of the Coronavirus pandemic, extreme social distancing measures are inContinue reading “Why nurses should act without delay over zero hours contracts”

What you can do to keep safe and support our campaign – 4 things

Join a union. Ask around your colleagues: is there a union rep working in your department?If there is, it is probably best to say hello to them and join their union. If you don’t know if there is a union rep on your team at work, or if you don’t know what union to join,Continue reading “What you can do to keep safe and support our campaign – 4 things”

Zero Hours? Get Full Pay to Isolate

“I’m a zero hours contract worker. What do I do if I need to self-isolate?” DO NOT come to work. Phone your line manager and your union rep. Tell them you are self-isolating and the reason. Follow the advice on the government website here. If you feel yourself developing symptoms at work, LEAVE IMMEDIATELY. OnceContinue reading “Zero Hours? Get Full Pay to Isolate”