Bank staff: sick and self-isolation pay

NHS Employers have said bank staff should be paid in full if they need to self-isolate following public health advice. However, different Trusts and staff banks are using different formulas and coming up with very different versions of “full pay”

NHS Professionals, which is runs a staff bank across many other Trusts, has said “You will receive the normal shift payment for pre-booked shifts during any period of self-isolation or sickness with COVID-19.”  

But the guiding principle is that “you are not financially disadvantaged during the COVID-19 pandemic” and to “create greater equity for all workers supporting Trusts at this critical time, regardless of contractual arrangements.” Or in Boris Johnson’s words “nobody should be penalised for doing the right thing.”

Many bank shifts are not advertised two weeks in advance and alot of bank is advertised at short notice. This formula does result in penalising workers.

Other Trusts such as Guys and St Thomas’ are paying bank staff by calculating average weekly earnings over the previous 3 months. This appears to be a better formula.

If you are on the bank, then the advice is to join a union and contact your union representatives immediately. Tell them whether you are able to book shifts 2 weeks in advance and whether you would prefer the “average pay over the last 3 months” formula. Trust unions are in regular meetings with management during this crisis negotiating improved safety, terms and conditions. The more bank workers that join the union and communicate their wishes to the union representatives, the more power those representatives have in negotiations.

Links to how to join unions here and for lists of representatives see the Trust intranet.

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